n99 white paper

last updated 8/7/2017


In the current paradigm there are many gatekeepers between creatives and consumers of their creative outputs in both physical and online environments, which consume large percentages of the perceived value of said creative content in perpetuity, and inevitably seek to select and influence creative input according to subjective values influenced by external operators.

Current available tools for sharing of creative content are flawed in their approach as they rely on advertising revenue for their income, and transfer ownership of the content from the creators to the gatekeepers. The people who provide the creative content receive no reward for consumption of their outputs and consumers of that content are bombarded with intrusive advertising in order for the service provider to receive recompense for their contribution. In addition, current service providers operate in centralized systems which are susceptible to attacks and unwarranted data mining, leaving their users exposed to leakage pf secure
information and lack of privacy.

Root Causes
In the wider environment the creative element has been reduced to a commodity with a lack of understanding of the creative process and its contribution to human development. Creative are either put on a pedestal or ignored according to the marketable value not of the work but their reputation. In order to gain reputation it is necessary to invest resources in satisfying gatekeeper
requirements regarding content, style, presentation and exclusivity restricting entry to market to the few who possess the skills and resources to satisfy these constraints. Self-appointed arbitrators of quality and market requirements were necessary when the means of production and distribution were limited and costly. They are no longer necessary in a demand led environment within which scale is no longer a barrier to entry.

Current mass penetration social media sites are proprietary, server based, centralised systems within which users share their content naively. Certain operators have taken to manipulation of data flows and experimentation with influencing theories opening the door for corruption of their networks by external interested parties. The quantity of data being produced is growing exponentially leading to the requirement for more and more server space thus pushing up the costs of providing the service. Cloud storage has attempted to solve this problem, it is, however, insecure.

The SAFEnetwork will offer an alternative paradigm based upon Open Value Network principles in which value is created by participation and resources generated distributed according to contribution. Giving creatives direct access to their market and direct immediate recompense for consumption of their outputs.

How will the proposed solution satisfy the need?
n99 will offer an alternative paradigm based upon Open Value Network principles in which value is created by participation and resources generated and distributed according to contribution, giving creatives direct access to their market and direct immediate recompense for consumption of their outputs.

What is the Goal of the n99 project?
To provide an interface between the Safe Network and end users which:
-Provides resources to the Safe Network in excess of resources used;
-Provides a means for participants to receive direct proportional recompense for their contribution;
-Provides a user friendly interface which encourages participation and contribution;
-Promotes open value networking.

Product or Service Requirements?
This white paper will assume that JS developers understand the basic idea of how the SAFE Network pays SafeCoin to affiliated apps and deposits the same in their wallets, encoded into apps as part of the app’s main functionality on the SAFE Network (hereafter SAFE). n99 will function via the SAFE Network’s Application Programming Interface (API). As such, they require specific utilitarian functions that will be unique to SAFE Network apps.

In the particular case of the n99 MVP:
Users freely use n99 and either listen to, view or download content from the app’s channels. These data streams or PUTs from the app (GET requests from users wherein data flows/transfers from SAFE vaults [also where the app derives its functionality on SAFE])to the user constitute the base utilitarian functionality of the MVP.

This white paper will discuss not only utilitarian functionality, but cosmetic functionality.
Network99 require functions for artists to create individuallyopted uploadable or preinstalled menudriven-selected ‘covers’ or ‘skins’ to give artistic appearance to their channels in order to individualize them and to give channels unique personality or character.

As described above in the abstract, artists should be able to uniquely ‘decorate’ their channels. In addition, the app founders, builders and workers should be able to do the same thing to the main and other spaces/portals/pages of n99 as long as these cosmetics are relatively simple to achieve at the outset.

Note: No cosmetic functionality or advanced utilitarian functionality should delay the deployment of the MVP.
Think of the n99 MVP as an enhanced, userfriendly and astheticallypleasing SoundCloud-like app (in terms of basic functionality) with the following important functionalities:

-Musicians, talkshow hosts, podcasters, other audiobased content providers can easily and intuitively upload their content to their own channels;

-Content providers can decorate their channels as previously discussed in the abstract;

-Users can either freely listen to content via N99 or download content to their machines at their discretion at no cost;

-Users can search channels easily by genre, name of content provider, or other ways such as keyword searching.

-Users can become ‘fans’ of content providers and be notified of new content on provider channels (‘fan’ is n99 lingo for the general concept of following) app should provide suggestion sidebar based upon the ‘~’ (tilde-styled hashtag inaugurated by n99 for SAFE-based key word search functionality). When providers label their content with the same words (similar words would be
an upgraded search capability that may or may not be appropriate for the n99 MVP), other clickable content suggestions will appear in the sidebar.

-Users should be able to ‘love’ or ‘like’ (two options) channel content. Other additional functionality associated with this functionality has been envisioned [SEEDS] for some utilitarian purpose(s) for content providers and/or users. A very basic analytics suite similar to some of the features on YouTube for channel providers should be builtin so that content providers can
measure, to some degree, how popular a given file of uploaded content actually is. For example, how many listens or views, average listening or viewing time, how many complete downloads, etc.

-User default is anonymous. Content providers will NOT be able to see who their users are UNLESS users option to give up their anonymity. Channels should provide the means for users to opt-in for contact by content providers. Then, with this prior user permission, content providers can contact users to send them additional content or notify them of events or other things at their own discretion. This opt-in feature should be channel-specific and user-discretionary.

-Users should be able to create user accounts and have their own spaces/rooms to ‘decorate’ just like content providers.
In user cockpits / spaces, users should be able to create playlists of content and organize it as they see fit by genre, artist, keyword, show, album, other. Artwork should be considered to give users options for appealing appearance of virtual ‘shelves’ or rotating-view-capable playlist displays.
In user cockpits/ spaces, users should be able text with other users, be invited and invite other users to virtually ‘occupy’ their cockpits/spaces with them and listen to content together. n99 should incorporate trending algorithms for those users who would like to know about and click on popular content that might be outside their own particular brand of user experience.

-Users should be able to share n99 links to content channels both on the SAFE Network, and also Internet 2.x, 3.x, etc. If users share content outside of the SAFE Network. Those who click on the content will need to come to self-authenticating login to the SAFE Network itself that upon self-authentication, redirects the user to the content provider’s channel.

-Users should be able to connect to channels via embeds w/ links in order to stream channel content to their spaces or rooms on n99 or anywhere else on the SAFE Network.

-Users should be able to leave comments on uploaded channel content for providers and users to see.

All SafeCoin operability and features to benefit the app in general, founders, builders, workers and content providers specifically must be baked in from the start. See abstract above for a lengthy introduction and discussion of this complex app functionality.

App SafeCoin Wallet:

-Redistribution subroutine to OVN member wallets;

-Transparency module;

-Post-beta permanent ledger of wallet-addressing code changes;

-User Account setup w/ both photo and avatarID capability;

-Content Provider Account setup w/ both photo and avatarID capability.


-Content uploader
(An easy to use content uploader which accepts all common file types for music, video and text which automatically assigns an associated safecoin wallet and watermark to which 99% of safecoin generated by use is directed. Providing content providers with a secure, direct and immediate revenue stream in recompense for contributing to the value of the network.)
-Content provider channel tools (drag and drop tools for content providers to create their own customisable content viewer);
-Collaboration Spaces;
-Stock library;
-Promotional tools;
-Popularity Charts;
-Reward & recognition;
-Navigation Tools;
-User interfaces;

Obstacles and risks to be faced?

As with any new technology, the major risk to the project is viability of the platform upon which it is based. Should the Safe Network be unsound, unstable or compromised this would put the premise of n99 at risk. There are, however, alternative platforms being developed on similar principles meaning that n99 could, if necessary, be transferred to an alternative platform in the event of unsuitability of the Safe Network for our purposes.

Awareness of the technologies upon which n99 will be based is low in the general public. It is necessary to build awareness within the market not only of the potential of the technology but also the risks the current paradigm presents to the end user with regards to loss of data, privacy, security, net neutrality etc.
By using the ‘Life is People’ podcast to bring together creatives to discuss the issues facing them in the production, marketing and distribution of their work and introducing how n99 intends to facilitate the process of connecting them with an audience whilst providing direct recompense for use of their work, we will reach not only influencers in the marketplace but also their followers to spread awareness and prepare a user base for when the service is ready.

The financial model of n99 is based on the use of the Safe Network and its integrated alternative currency Safe Coin which self-generates within the network for use of resources. This is a free-standing alternative currency and its value will fluctuate according to market forces. We will be reliant on other application developers producing an exchange mechanism to transfer these Safe Coin into fiat currency.

As an Open Value Network, n99 will not be subject to any single country’s laws. It will be necessary to build a robust member framework which is open, transparent and understandable by all users and members of the network to reduce potential legal backlash.

Movement from the current paradigm within which politicians have influence, power and interest will potentially receive unfavourable attention, due to the nature of providing direct, private p2p transfer of value similar to other alt coins (with the exception of BitCoin which has been phenomenally successful). The potential of this is currently being ignored. It will be important to learn the lessons from BitCoin in order to identify how and when any political and/or regulatory attacks will be made.

n99 is a true open value network, encouraging and recruiting participants from as far afield as possible. Until the Safe Network is available we will need to utilise existing services on the internet in order to communicate; work and promote our activities in the meantime.

Alignment with strategies
N99 will be an Open Value Network recognising all contributions and their relative worth to the network throughout its life. Key strategies it is aiming to achieve are as follows:
-Introduce the general public to the principles, potential and practicalities of distributed, open value networks;
-Develop a user base for emergent distributed networks;
-Provide a direct connection between content providers and users which is free to use and rewards contributors from within the network itself;
-Contribute to the adoption of alternative currencies throughout the general public.



Seeds are distributed to the content makers of the n99 platform. When an artist puts a new piece of artwork using the platform a new seed is generated and awarded to that artist. As this artist makes their piece known to the world by making their artwork public, people can then cast their seeds to that artwork. If a certain threshold was to be reached with people awarding seeds to that artwork, then an additional seed will be generated and distributed by a faucet.

They are generated by two means, a successful put to the SAFE Network of unique content; and by a favorable contribution of seeds towards a piece of artwork. These mechanisms will grow the amount of seeds based on the contribution of artwork, and also it will distribute them in a way that is accessible to anyone even without a financial contribution.

n99 will start with 99,999,999 tokens of which 1% of these seeds will be reserved for the development team.

Distribution of Safecoin

The n99 platform expects to earn Safecoin through the application developer system of the SAFE Network. Of this award the n99 shares it with the holders of seeds. The n99 platform stands to empower the artists first. If an artist publishes content through n99 and charges no fee to consume their content, this artist will gain [ptp]. Otherwise if the artist charges a fee for their piece, then that artist is entitled to 100% of their price and share no charge with n99, however they still get a seed for their
contribution and still can participate in the seed ratings as well. Though also application developer reward from that content will be awarded proportionally to the seed holders.

Seeds are distributed in an increasingly vast way, to those who benefit from the platform; in this case, the artists.


Can we experience art by playing with it? And what impact does n99/SAFE technology have on this process?

Games are used to encourage us to happily perform tasks we might otherwise view as boring. They engage our minds and put us in a state of blissful productivity – where we may actually prefer working hard to relaxing. They trick us into learning – even teaching us new ways to learn. Interactive art is a way to communicate certain ideas, especially those that talk about the way we
function and experience this rock we live on that tumbles through space.

Envision a paradigm where as an artist you could gamify their artwork-how? Earning seeds via listening to x amount of tracks/time played, etc. or earning seeds by playing a game/completing missions, etc. That’s one thing – but how to gamify art? Is it possible?
Why not use the same principles as used in earning seeds with music and games? Remember back in the day when it took proper long time to upload an image on the internet – as line by line an image would slowly appear on your screen and we wait and wait in the anticipation. That was then – now imagine the same scenario, only this time on n99 – that’s gamification of art – or how about a painting revealed following the steps of the artist? …new ways to learn.

One of the many inspiring elements of SAFE technology is the ability for everyone to create, connect, collaborate. In an age of increasing complexity innovation is only bound by the limits of our creativity. Many of our largest and longest-lived institutions are bigger, more complex ‘constructed realities’. By drawing inspiration from games -gamification of art on n99 enables people to consider these giant social structures in a new light – to conceptualize these complex interactions and bring them back to a human level where we are forced to consider an individual’s interaction and input. Perhaps with a little artistry, we can all learn to play that game and make reality more engaging and participatory.