Q & A_

Q1: How are seeds acquired in the first place as you need seeds to join the n99 network?
A1: A limited number of seeds will be allocated for testing / promotional purposes (exact number yet to be determined), these seeds will be reserved and phantom seeds issued to the testing cock-pits for use during testing activity. Once integration and penetration testing have completed satisfactorily, live seeds will be available to purchase and associated crypto-wallets activated to enable secure transfer of value.

Q2: If dislikes/negative reviews result in n99 getting all 100% from those reviews what is to prevent n99 from encouraging negative reviews to gain profit, and how are seeds cycled back to the public after the seed engine returns them to n99?
A2: When n99 retained value (1%) from user activity (excluding content download) reaches 100 seeds in value, 99 of these seeds are scattered randomly amongst all users on the network. N99 retains only 1 seed (1%) from this amalgamated total for its own income to mitigate profiteering by the network with the random scattering of the 99% to mitigate users profiting directly by their activities. For a more detailed explanation watchthe video HERE.

Q3: What is your backup plan if SAFE isn’t ready for deployment?
A3: We are currently analysing cost/ capacity & processing performance of several alternative data / file storage solutions as an interim option until SAFE is ready. The status of SAFE will be reviewed soon for deployment readiness and a decision will be taken whether to pursue the alternative storage solution for a limited period, the decision will be communicated together with a short-list of recommendations and associated analysis.

Q4: Why pay to stream? Your original proposal was free.
A4: Payments to stream are micro-payments, 99% of which goes directly to the content provider. It is a means of verifying genuine user interaction with content to ensure the integrity of charts and analytical data provided to content providers and users alike (2,000 views of a video are genuine views by real people) If you are not happy giving a micro payment to a band to listen to their track, or a podcaster to watch their podcast or a writer to read their blog that is entirely your choice, n99 is perhaps not the network for you. There are however a great many people who are happy to pay if they know the money is going directly to the artists.

Q5: How much are seeds and where can I buy them?
A5: Seeds will be released as we launch the platform to users so that content providers can earn seeds from each individual piece of content, the cost of entry will be minimal at 1 seed per piece of content. When this initial piece of content has earned a second seed (through 1 download or multiple user interactions with the content) the user can use the earned seed to upload a second piece of content, etc. Other seeds will be available for people who just wish to interact with the network.

Q6: This would place great pressure on the user to ensure that their “debut” content, that is the first content they uploaded, appealed to a wide audience and gained a lot of profit. But no one knows what exactly people will like. The first episode is not necessarily the best episode so to speak.
A6: All creative people take this chance with their outputs. The “overnight successes” usually have years of hard work and rejection behind them. By making the entry cost as low as possible together with the ability for users to “tip” each other, we do not anticipate this being a barrier to entry. If proved wrong, we are prepared to review the situation and implement an alternative solution.

Q7: What happens if seeds become too expensive for users to buy in the first place?
A7: We are building safeguards into the system whereby the pricing structures will adapt accordingly, with the current preference being to allow users to set prices themselves subject to impact analysis.

Q8: When I buy a piece of art or whatever, do I own it? I mean I don’t have to rebuy it to download it, do I? And can I share it outside n99? Can I download it to my HDD?
A8: When a piece of content is uploaded to n99, the content provider retains ownership of the content. Users will be able to stream the content as they do now on social media sites with the added option of chargeable download (in seeds) with 99% of this charge going direct to the content provider. As this transaction is between the content provider and user, usage permissions will be in control of the content provider (on a fair use / personal use license for example), so you will be able to download to your hard drive a copy of content you have purchased for personal use. Safeguards against content theft are being built into the network with mechanisms for the community to alert other users when copyright has been breached. In addition, we are currently scoping functionality for second phase release in which content collaborations (i.e. music score for a film) will have proportional distribution of the seeds earned by the combined content.

Q9: That sounds great when you frame it in the context of individual artists but it could also be used by big corporations to force people to pay every time they want to watch their favourite cartoon or episode, or whatever. n99 could easily become the new model for TV. If I download something I want to own it. I want to be able to load it on my phone, mp3 player, put it on an external hard drive, make amvs out of it, whatever.
A9: Copyright for creative content (art / music / literature etc.) innately belongs to the person who created it (i.e. the artists) in all jurisdictions. Exploitation of artists in the past has occurred when they have signed over their copyright to the record company / agent in return for financial advances to fund recording / tours / promotion etc. Some high-profile examples are: Paul McCartney purchasing back the copyright to his tracks decades later for exorbitant sums of money and Prince changing his name so that Sony did not have the rights to his as yet unwritten material, Both actions being to counteract naively signing contracts which handed over copyright in their youth. N99 will facilitate enforce ability of copyright for individual content providers not replace it.

Q10: Art and information is now a service not a product. If you want to market art, then market it as a service and don’t attempt to play an information gate keeper and turn art into a product in the information age.
A10: Art can be a product; a service, a gift or a curse AT THE CREATORS DISCRETION, as it always has been. N99 is a service that connects content providers with content consumers in a fun and rewarding way.

Q11: Is the N99 testing phase that’s coming soon all on the Safe Network?
A11: First phase of testing is functional testing only and will be run on our current server as end users are participating. Once the functional testing phase has been completed with all accepted change requests incorporated (approximately 2 to 4 weeks), performance testing will commence in parallel on the existing server system and Safe Network. Once performance testing has completed satisfactorily, penetration testing will commence on the Safe Network before final release of a Safe Network hosted n99.