An Interactive Platform for Artists on the SAFE Network

Imagine a platform where artists are rewarded properly
and there are no middlemen between the artists and the audience

A commonwealth of human arts to share…
where creative people are rewarded directly for the content they generate.

n99 unleashing human potential... #n99 #network99

….unleashing human potential….

the issue_

Current available tools for sharing of creative content are flawed in their approach, as they rely on advertising revenue for their income, and transfer ownership of the content from the creators to the gatekeepers. The people who provide the creative content receive little or no reward for consumption of their output, and consumers of that content are bombarded with intrusive advertising to pay for data storage.

In addition, current service providers operate in centralized systems which are susceptible to attacks and unwarranted personal data mining, leaving their users exposed to leakage of secure information and lack of privacy.

'heads up' original work by Tim Coomber #n99 #network99

the remedy_

'breaking through walls' original work by Tim Coomber #n99 #network99

Welcome to network99!

The app where content providers are rewarded directly for the material they create.
network99 is a social and content sharing network, where content providers will be able to:
-upload content to a cryptographically-watermarked and secured, decentralized database;
-promote content via integrated social media tools;
-and receive direct rewards for network activity generated by their content.

the era of the creative is rising.


Why are we doing this?

A Platform That Puts The Artists First

SAFE Network

The SAFE Network puts the artists in control. You own your art work, and license it to others for consumption. When people play your tracks or look at your artwork, you get paid. Payment is instant and unencumbered. Automatically. This tool allows us to give the interactive platform that saves the artists and gives us a way to publish work, and reach audiences around the planet.


-99% of artists share 23% of global revenue >> 1% of artists share 77% of total artist revenue
-From mid 2013 to mid 2014 42% increase in use of streaming services >> 14.9% decrease in album sales
-$12.359 from 168 million domestic [USA] streams for “WAKE UP” on Pandora


Testing phase begins soon…

the team_

Tim Coomber, Founder/Leader

Tim Coomber, Founder & Leader

Tim is an Artist/Author based in Scotland, Host of LIFE IS PEOPLE podcast, an open forum style interview session with some of today’s rising artists, performers, producers, and free thinkers from all over the world.

dawn leighton, project co-ordinator #n99 #network99

Dawn Leighton, Project Coordinator

Dawn was involved in developing innovative products and services using the internet when it first appeared on the scene and gained insights from implementing projects whilst living in varied cultures in different parts of the world. Whilst keeping pace with technological developments, attaining skills; knowledge and experience in different sectors and disciplines. The ability to not only identify opportunities but also act on them has led to an interesting life across continents, seeing amazing sites and meeting all sorts of interesting people. Involved in n99 from the start, Dawn is helping to shape the vision into a real solution for creative people.


The SAFE Network Forum is a discussion forum about the SAFE Network, a decentralized data storage and communications network that provides a secure, efficient and low-cost infrastructure for everyone. Read more about n99 and SAFE network topics there.

SAFEX Forum, the main discussion forum of the Safe Exchange. Find more details about n99 and the crowdsale, as well as other related topics there.

life is people_

Where Tim shares his conversations with artists, musicians, producers and thinkers from all walks of life

LIFE IS PEOPLE #275 Gleewood
n99 visión de conjunto
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n99 Testing Phase

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